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Just Another Person 1 year ago
Ok but her friends are so mean to not care for her feelings and that she’s going through so much. I know it’s porn, but the story line was a big turn off
Sooo uhh… 1 year ago
Thats called trauma - and this actually happens to woman..
Porn is porn 1 year ago
This why you never look at porn for a plot. Porns shouldn't have a damn plot in my opinion it's pointless asf. We all come her to see some ass, titties, pussy and dick why make it more complicated then it need to be...
Hot porn, great fantasy 1 year ago
Never actually do this sh it. Outlive your offspring and die in a house fire while your head is submerged in water, drowning, if you like this.
This was 1 year ago
So weird
.... 1 year ago
Logan Ramey 6 months ago
At first I was like eh this is good came to it and after I was like that’s so fucked up
I hate my life 4 months ago
I should’ve quit porn years ago. I’m a failure of a person.
10 months ago
What is the guy with the tattoos name?
Good luck 2 months ago
I hope y’all stop watching porn like I’m trying