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tom 5 years ago
I started dating my girlfriend about a month ago and she too can squirt. we was having hot sex 2 weeks ago when she 1st squirted and I'm like WTF. by the end of the night our bed was fuckin soaked. had to change bedsheets and covers. before her I was thinking its all fake. trust me its NOT PISS it is cum that looks water down and has no or little taste to it she don't squirt as much as this does but I can tell shes squirts more now then she did 2 weeks ago
Mose 5 years ago
Does the inside of a butthole really turn anyone on?
Trezz 5 years ago
I like this bitch
Jack 5 years ago
She's a real slut
PattyQuake 5 years ago
Bonnie is the greatest
xxx 5 years ago
Her tit tats would make me squirt. I've only seen one women with tit tats, she was at a topless bar. She had dart boards tattooed on her tits. Her areolas were the bulls eye. The bulls eyes covered more area than the rest of the dart boards. As roomers go she was the highest tipped waitress at the bar. One night I saw a drunk whip out his dick and poke her in the bulls eye.
did you 5 years ago
see that part where they pulled the dick out her ass and her hole got turned inside out, like wtf!
Stone cold 5 years ago
Amazing squirt
Hellahot 5 years ago
This slut ain't anything. I've seen a vid of some girl squirting all over the cameramen from a very far angle. Anyway, this girl did well.
Sarwar sport 5 years ago
sarwar sport